Ushering New Era in the Regulation of Gaming Industry in Tanzania
Organization Structure

Organisation Structure

Organisation structure of the Gaming Board of Tanzania consists of Board of Directors as well as the Management Team

Organisation Chart


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Gaming Board of Tanzania is composed of the following members:

i. A Chairman who is appointed by the President upon recommendation by the Minister for Finance;

ii. Members appointed by the Minister being:-

  1. A representative of the Ministry of Finance
  2. A representative of the Attorney General;

iii. Two members who in the opinion of the Minister, possess the knowledge and experience in gaming activities; and

iv. One member from civil society.

The Director General is the Secretary to the Board of Directors. 

Board Members 


The management is headed by the Director General who is responsible to the Board of Directors. The Director General is assisted by two Directors, six managers and a Chief Internal Auditor.

Management Team



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