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Type of Licenses and Certificates

Gaming Board of Tanzania may issue the following types of gaming licenses and certificates, as per section 26 of the Gaming Act Cap. 41 and it's related amendments:

  1. Casino license for conducting table games and slot machines
  2. Slot machines or route operation for promotion of slot machines business in a shop
  3. Manufacturer’s certificate for manufacturing of gaming equipment including its spare part
  4. Seller’s or distributor’s licence for supplying, selling or servicing gaming equipment
  5. Key gaming employee for a person in charge of any gaming activity at all times when the game is conducted 
  6. Accreditation licence for a person engaged in non gaming activity within gaming premises
  7. Support licence, required for a person employed in the gaming activities or a gaming employee
  8. A retail gaming licence which is required by a retailer on a premise on which he maintains sole and exclusive legal possession of the entire premise for which he is issued
  9. Internet casino licence for conducting casino games through remote devices with internet connection
  10. SMS lottery licence for conducting SMS lotteries for commercial purposes
  11. Principal license for sports betting and slot machines operations
  12. Internet sports betting licence
  13. Sports betting terminal licence
  14. Certificate of suitability for licence of gaming activities